Website Protection Program

An Insurance Policy for Your Business

WordPress has been a target for SPAMMERS for a long time. Regardless of theme, plugins, and hosting, vulnerabilities affecting WordPress can happen to any website left unprotected.

As there is no simple way of knowing exactly which plugins or themes will be affected, our best advice is to periodically check for updates to any WordPress themes or plugins you are using and apply those available as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend checking for updates on an ongoing basis.

We’ve put a program together based on what we do with our websites to protect them from hackers. Think of this program as an insurance policy for your business. It’s not 100% guaranteed because hackers are changing their tactics constantly, however, it’s peace of mind knowing someone will handle keeping your site updated and a secure backup copy for a “just in case” scenario.


Consistently update theme & plugins


Firewall Protection


Cloudflare to make site run faster


Backup weekly to off-site storage


Website Security Plugin - Limit log in attempts


Configure Users & Admin

Monthly Website Maintenance

  • Website Updates for WordPress Sites

Quarterly Website Protection Program

  • 4 months of security protection program for small websites
  • Up to 1 hour website maintenance per month

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